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Principal’s Message



Making of ‘morally committed global learner’ than ‘legally committed island’ is one among the prime tasks of the Academicians today. Indeed children hardly get the opportunity to explore themselves nowadays… It is imperative to confirm the best possible ‘creative ambience’ in school campuses to spark the spirit of real time ‘humanity’ along with the concept of ‘togetherness’ within our children… Let them ‘internalise and practice’ the learnt concepts in their daily life situations which are enough to upgrade the quality of their future living… In modern day India we are committed to foster ‘campus tranquillity. ‘Not the absence of Noise… but the presence of understanding’ among children in the campus is appreciated.

Obviously; underlying Philosophy of Education aims at the well being of mankind.  We devote our professional life to liberate our ‘generation next’ from Ignorance, poverty& superstitions… so as to vitalize youth with positive attitude. Believe me; generation with this mindset can be useful to themselves, to their family; society; and will truly contribute their best towards ‘Nation building’, enough to attain the ultimate concept of ‘self- transcendence’ too…