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Physical Education

We recognize the relevance of Physical education in school and the wide range of opportunities that opens for any child in our school as far as their health strengthening activities are concerned. We provide chances to our students to identify the athlete or the player in them. Our school is a member in IAF (Indian Athletic Federation) which is a Gateway to wear National Jersey for our students. We have the history of bagging State Level Medals in CBSE athletic meet and providing opportunities for our players to get trained under International Football Coaches. The school nurtures talents in Football, Handball, Ball Badminton, kalari, karate etc. The trainings and camps conducted in the school paves the way to identify and develop the players among our students. Such camps even provide them with the opportunities to get enrolled in the Football Club, FC Gokulam. Our students are equipped to compete in district, state as well as national level by the nationally acclaimed professional coach. Preparation for the formation of a Girl’s Football teamin the campus is on process.